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Lijiang, China


After two days in Kunming – which we mostly spent organizing the trip to Tibet – we took another night train to Lijiang where we arrived on Tursday at 7am at chilly 10 degrees. Fortunately it got warmer during daytime but the nighs gave us a first glimpse of the mountain cold we would be experiencing for the weeks that followed. Lijiang lies at an altitude of 2400 metres and neither of us experienced any sign of AMS (acute mountain sickness) which is a good sign but of course no guarantee for not getting it higher up though, as often AMS only starts to kick in at an altitude of 3000 metres or more.

Lijiang is split into an old and a new town and the old town is what hordes of Chinese tourists come to see. Old Lijiang is kind of a traditional Chinese Duckburg with lots of pretty little streets, houses and rivers and is one of the very few places in China with some infrastructure for international tourists (meaning English signs, public toilets…) that we have found so far. For that (and the conservation of the old town) they make you pay a whopping 80 Yuan (~ 8 Euros) entrance fee though. In theory, the accomodation providers are supposed to cash in this old town conservation fee, but our guesthouse owner told us that he does not bother with it because he does not like it and from what i understood most other guesthouse owners don’t either.